Here’s What Past Clients Have To Say

Exceeded My Expectations
I have worked with Blake on 2 different occasions. Not only did Blake always get the outcome that I wanted but it ALWAYS exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend Blake for family law! Thanks Blake!!!
Kasia P. 5/11/2021

Cares A Great Deal About His Clients
It is my privilege to recommend Eric Abel as your personal attorney. Eric is very personable and easily gains the trust of his clients. He works hard, is extremely talented and compassionate, and cares a great deal about his clients and his firm. Mr. Abel is an excellent lawyer who will fight for his client yet will maintain realistic goals throughout the case. I am truly thankful for the opportunity for Eric to represent me in my lengthy divorce case.
Jennifer R. 5/11/2021

Honest And Personable
Honest, caring, compassionate attorneys. Very personable and understanding of any situation. Highly recommend.
Lynette J. 8/1/2019

Prepared, Knowledgeable And Professional
Mr. Abel represented me against my ex-husband when our divorce agreement wasn’t being followed. After almost of year of continuances on their part, we finally made it in front of the judge. I never imagined the hearing could go so well. Eric was so professional with exhibits that proved our case and because of this, we won on everything. I started this journey hesitant and intimidated by my ex-husband, but because of Eric Abel, I walked out of that courtroom with my head high and knowing that finally, there would be closure. I would recommend Mr. Abel to anyone wanting to make sure they walk into a courtroom prepared, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you so much for finally getting me the judgment that was long overdue!
Cynthia D. 5/22/2019

Exceeded My Expectations
I just went through a messy divorce and Eric Abel was my attorney. He was amazing to me during this hard time. Mr. Abel supported me every step of the way and kept me informed about everything that was going on. He explained and re-explained how things had to be done. Mr. Abel not only won my case,  he exceeded my expectations. Mr. Abel’s knowledge of the law is second to none. Thank you so much, Eric Abel!
Terri M. 2/15/2019

10 Stars Out Of 5
Eric Abel is by far the best attorney in all of Terre Haute. The devotion he put into the protection order case that my soon-to-be ex-husband filed against someone I know is astounding. He really took his time and was very thorough to refute all of the claims that were made. Without Mr. Abel, I would have lost my main line of support through my divorce. I highly recommend Eric Abel and would give him 10 stars out of 5 if I could.
Nicole H. 12/14/2018

An Earned Stellar Reputation
I am amazed at the job Mr. Abel did defending me against a frivolous motion for order of protection by the soon-to-be ex-husband of someone I know. He presented the case so well the only testimony I needed to provide was answering two questions from the judge. The whole case was riddled with procedural errors, and Mr. Abel addressed those issues effectively. Now I understand why he has the reputation as being one of the best attorneys in Vigo County. Thank you, Mr. Abel!
Andy 12/13/2018

A New Start
My assets were protected and I was kept safe during my divorce proceedings. Thank you for helping me start a new life!
Mechelle W. 9/1/2018

Eric Is Your Man
Eric really stuck his neck out for me and did a great job. He went to bat for me and used his expertise to get me what I deserved. If you need a family law lawyer, Eric is your man, hands-down. No need to talk to anyone else.
Mike L. 12/15/2017

Experience Makes A Difference
Very knowledgeable of divorce law, compassionate and relates well to his clients. His many years of experience translates into taking very good care of his clients.
Matt A. 12/2/2017

Everything He Promised
I hired Eric for my divorce and child custody and support. He gave me everything I wanted and that he promised.
Daniel 11/3/2017