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Family law matters have various problems associated with them.

You need the assistance of an attorney and staff who are patient and willing to take the time to elicit the unique facts and circumstances of your case with understanding and provide the guidance you need throughout your case.
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Family Law Representation

Eric Abel has spent 30 years of his 43 years of law practice devoted to matters relating to divorce and custody cases.

Abel Law has represented thousands of clients. Our practice is as thorough as possible in every facet of a client’s unique case.
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Division of Marital Assets

We understand how to analyze and value marital assets such as real property, pension plans, and other assets of a marriage.

Retaining your rightful portion of marital assets to face the future from a more financially secure position is just one of our many goals in your case.
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You require the guidance of an attorney who is well versed in the areas of custody rights, parenting time rights, child support, asset and debt division, pension rights, parenting time variations, and other numerous issues.

Our clients know that they are not “going it alone” and will be treated as a person and not just another case file to us. Contact us at 
812-238-2121 today to schedule an initial consultation!
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